When you choose CBD On An Empty Stomach,  CBD edibles for the cure of any disorder or just as a nutritional supplement, you should be informed about how it should be taken, how it affects your body and for how long should you consume it for maximum effectiveness.
And, it is very obvious to know because cannabis products are still being explored. They can have euphoric agent THC in them. Though they are present in traces or in extremely low amount, it can pose some undesired effects.

The Effectiveness Of CBD Depends On

You as a person are unique in many senses. You have entirely unique body chemistry, your age, sex, weight, the severity of complications for which you will be taking CBD, serving size and the existing medications(allopathic or homeopathic) – all these factors may combinedly decide the result whether CBD will work for you or not.
And if it works how long will it take, and if you have taken for a time period won’t you be left with some other distressing side effects. So overall a great reservoir of information needs to be explored.

Mode Of Consumption

To make things simple, the mode through which you consume CBD will also decide how fast it works on your body and what effects it has to bring for you. Vaping CBD is a popular and one of the fastest way to get results. It bypasses your digestive system as when you vape, it enters your lungs, diffuses straight in your bloodstream which circulates throughout your body in different tissues and cells.
Since it has nothing to do with your digestive system, it will take a few minutes to show results. But what will happen when you have CBD edibles on an empty stomach, let’s see! Yes, there is a risk of anxiety as it may be hard for you. Your heart may pound fast. Overall the effects may be intense for you to handle.

But why?

Understanding Drug Absorption

Drugs should remain in a solution form for absorption in the body. In the solid state, they take a long time for it.
Cannabinoids and THC found in cannabinoids edibles don’t dissolve in water easily because they have a lipophilic tendency.
When you eat a meal, various bile acids are released by your gallbladder which helps to solubilize the THC and other compounds. It makes the rate of absorption process fast. Another theory explaining absorption also exists.
Eating of meal slows down the gastric emptying process and limit the movement of drug to the small intestine where it gets absorbed fast.

Cannabinoid Absorption – A Comparative Study

A 2013 study published in the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology suggests that THC and CBD took less time to get absorbed in fasted conditions in comparison to the condition in which the subjects had eaten a high-fat diet.
However, those who ate the meal before dosing had more extent of absorption in comparison to those who fasted.

Anxiety And Consuming Cannabis Edibles On An Empty Stomach

You can face some anxiety issues when you consume CBD products on an empty stomach because of the ratio of THC to CBD in those conditions. The THC: CBD ratio was observed to be three times more in fasting condition than after a meal.

Here you can notice the effects of different THC: CBD ratio. So when you eat a cannabis edible without eating anything, though the ratio of psychoactive THC to safe CBD is 1:1, it can match the effectiveness of smoking a cannabis strain having THC to CBD ratio to be 9:1 causing ill effects such as anxiety.

Conclusion On CBD On An Empty Stomach

In a nutshell, when you consume CBD on an empty stomach, the ill effects are due to relatively low absorption of CBD in comparison to THC. So, in order to get the best results for your CBD consumption, you should start with a low amount of CBD.
Take a solid meal with fats in it so that bile acids are released in advance. This can increase the rate of CBD absorption in your body.

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